Hugh is a technology strategist exploring deep technologies at the borderless physical and digital world and an innovation catalyst catalyzing creative inventions and innovations in order to design the better future for good.

Used to work for Samsung for 10 years for research emerging technologies and development of mobile devices and consumer electronics, one of them was selected as the gadget of the year 2008 by Time Magazine. Filed more than 50 patents on IoT, mobile devices, display tech, sensors, UX, networks, ubiquitous computing, and diverse technologies. 

He is an eco-system builder of Fast-build, a hardware prototype platform with Shenzhen and a co-founder of PAN(Pan Asian Network), as an innovators’ community.  


future designer & CEO at future designers

Think tank of innovators, futurists, and general thinkers

innovation catalyst & CEO at L!FE SQUARE

Innovation Design Company

Co-founder of PAN (Pan Asia Network)

Asia has always been a bedrock of entrepreneurship, diversity, vitality, innovation and resilience. Collaborations that create borderless opportunities across boundaries tap the resources and ingenuity of decision makers and modern-day Silk Road merchants. Our mélange of cultures distinguishes us – at times, divides us – yet unites us on our interdependent journeys. Each journey is distinctive, but the combined purpose illuminates a path that harnesses the collective identities, potential and the greatness of Asia.
How do we ignite the spark to impact, if not, further the common good? As raw materials that brim with intrinsic value which forms the foundation of our communities, how can neighboring cities in Asia be brought together for positive collision? PAN project is a learning and exchange platform where diverse programs are tested, executed and distributed through collaboration, networking and peer learning. Our purpose is to equip people for the post-industrial age, where creativity, open innovation and collaboration are the core elements of growth and development.

Founding Faculty and Co-founder of the Life School Korea

Founded and run the Life Entrepreneurship School for adults to the new ways of living and diversity. People at the Life School play, learn and connect together. Branched out from the Life School Japan in 2016.

Board Member at CODE(ex. Creative Commons Korea)

NPO on Creative commons, open data and digital commons movement

Project Lead of Safecast Korea

Organize local Safecast movements that measure nuclear radiation thru bGeigie devices and share them as open data for safety and the right to know and co-found Safecast Asia

Chief Innovation Officer at Rehoboth

Lead innovation strategy of the largest coworking space branches nationwide

Ambassador of Network Society

Network Society Research and Ventures

Organizer of Fuckup Nights Seoul

Run global movement of failure sharing event in Seoul

ex) chief maker & Co-CEO at magicEco

• Lead new business strategies and development on Internet of things platform and hardwares, such as smart lamp, smart standing desk, smart toothbrush, IoT insole, smart speaker, and medicine checker.
• Lead maker movement of open source hardware by open collaboration.

ex) Touch Solution Strategist and New Business Development Manager of Cypress Semiconductor

• Technical strategies and business development management of touch screen sensors, PSoC, and wireless products

ex) Project Lead and Sr. Engineer at Samsung Electronics

• Lead the product engineering team for developing portable mobile devices with platform ingredients of all hardware and software.
• Manage staffs of product managers and engineers to understand market needs and competitive environment, set product requirements for engineers, develop user experience strategies, pursuit competitive pricing, analyze consumer needs, establish product positioning, and win designs.
• Designed platforms of competitive portable embedded devices, such as digital audio players, portable multimedia players and mobile Internet devices.
• Manage development and integration projects of mobile devices through all phases of project life cycle – analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and post-production support.

ex) Researcher at Samsung Digital Media R&D Center

• Researched on wireless home network topologies and technologies.
• Explored new algorithms for multimedia streaming over WLAN and WPAN.
• Implemented and simulated Verilog of wireless LAN MAC in FPGA and gained extensive understanding of SoC architecture.

ex) Evangelist of TEDx

• Korean Translator of TED Talks
• Evangelist of TEDxSeoul
• Co-organizer and co-founder of TEDxSamsung
• Speaker at TEDxKT, TEDxGwachon, TEDxMDFH and TEDxSamsung

ex) Grad Research Assistant of USC/Information Sciences Institute

• Research on Active networks

Selected Press