Selected Tech Projects

Smart Motion Standing Desk (2016)

IoT dual lift smart desk tracks activities and recommends optimal height and sitting snd standing modes. Launched in Kickstarter and successfully funded more than $160,000. Sold in departments store and online malls.

IoT Smart Insole (2015)

Smart insole module for detecting and notifying optimal temperature and humidity of shoes. Multiple modules in shoes automatically sync up when an user changes shoes and seamlessly track all activities and conditions thru BLE.

Smart Medicine Clip and Bottle (2015)

IoT medicine checking bottle and clip for patients

IoT Speaker ‘Cubic’ (2014)

IoT smart speaker with motion gestures and voice recognition

Smart Power Switch (2014)

IoT smart switch with power meter

Smart Desk Lamp ‘LumiSmart’ (2013)

LumiSmart is a smart desk lamp based on IoT (Internet of things) technology. It is not a just smart lamp, but the integration of software, sensors, and user experiences. Launched in Indiegogo and failed to fund. However, learned a lot of IoT hardware and software development processes, crowd funding and investment.

Cypress TrueTouch Solutions (2011 – 2013)

Multi-touch and large touch screen solutions

Samsung World-first transparent OLED MP3 player ‘IceTouch’ (2010)

Small sized transparent AMOLED project with dual screen touch UI

Samsung YP-P3 World-first Haptic UI MP3 Player (2009)

Haptic UI featured MP3 player awarded by IF

Samsung YP-P2 World-first Capacitive Touch Screen Wide Screen Video Player (2008)

The first capacitive touch screen and wide display video player. Listed on TIME Magazine as one of the Top 10 Gadget of the year 2008 with Apple iPhone